First week on site at the Wang YMCA

This past week was our first time looking at YMCA programming to observe how the Y runs.  I spent my first week at the Wang YMCA, where I learned a lot of valuable information about how YMCAs bring in the public to participate in programs, whether it be youth, young adult or elder related.  During the week, Liz and I observed and partially participated in the camp program at the Y, spending our first day with 7-8 year olds, second with 9-10 year old, third with 11-12 year olds and lastly our fourth day we spent with preschool  kids.

Having already worked in the aquatics department of my town’s YMCA, I knew a lot about YMCA programming, however, I had never observed the breadth of programming across all age groups, so it was interesting for me to see it in action. As a coop student at Sport in Society it will be exciting over the next six months as we learn how not-for-profit organizations, like the Y, create a structure that can build capacity and sustainability, and that can be used for the long haul.

Posted by Tom Demers