Two weeks through

As the two weeks of training come to a close I am still left with many questions. Being a BPS co-op in a field designed for the YMCA co-op has been a challenging but informative process. At first I had little knowledge of what I was at Sport in Society to do, or even what they did as an organization. I started to learn what the YMCA co-op needed to do and started to embrace their position as if it were my own. I find the Dodge motto “Grab life by the horns” lead me through this training. I decided to embrace what we were doing, and train as if the YMCA would be my placement for my 6 months at Sport in Society.

This initial period seemed tiresome at times but was helpful to open my eyes to a unfamiliar world of non-profits. BPS, being a huge struggling urban district, holds many problems of it’s own. Aristotle once said, “What we have to learn to do, we learn by doing.” Many problems that the YMCA faces are common within those of BPS. Hopefully with what we learned, and Sport in Society’s support, we can make a positive change within BPS’ organization. Education of the logic model and organizational learning will be important to recognizing some of the goals that BPS should strive for, and how we as a team can meet them.

Posted by Brett Fink