The Kickoff

How time flies they say, just yesterday, I took my intern ID picture, received my building pass and cubicle. Now, I am a certified MVP trainer after attending the rigorous, interesting and explicit three day training. I was exposed to real life scenarios and experiences that alleviated my thought and decision-making process. The society almost creates a lifestyle of which one must be emulate to be accepted. Men’s violence against women are some of the many lifestyles that the society has forced us to believe that it is normal. The institute propelled me to believe that women are the victims of the world in many instances be it, violence, taunt, appearance and discussions. This shameful act is evolving over the years that even the 7th graders at Hurley Middle School, where I play a big brother role to middle school students, a partnership Sports in Society has with the school, has emulated and caused harms to our society today. These 7th grade students have inherited some of our societal flaws, enabling them to violate women and objectified them and not making them an equal. For example, during a volley ball game, some of the boys refused to play or/and pair up with the girls insinuating that they are the weaker sex and have no knowledge of the game. This is the type of knowledge the society instills in many of our young youths today, creating a differentiation between both gender. They tend to create a notion that they are superior over the females and as a result, should be given utmost respect and praise. Attending that three day conference has broaden my knowledge about men’s violence against women and the role we as “Men” have to play in the society to promote love. Speaking of the roles, over the weeks at Sports in Society, I have since developed a better idea of the many roles I can play in the organization
My experience here at Sports in Society has been

At first, I was unsure of the role I could play but now, I fully understand the goals, activities and expectations of the organization. This change was as a result to the MVP institute, the partnership with the Hurley School, several trainings and professional development/Seminar series provided by the society. Although my long commute and sleepless nights seemed to pose a major treat, I was determined to gaining the best experience here at sports in Society and fully understand the role of sports in our society. Sports speaks in many languages that nearly none other can, that is why it is important to use in a developing a strong society. My experience here at Sports in Society for the school year may soon come to an end, but the network, knowledge and experience that I have garnered from my short time has propelled me to the self realization that everyone is their own capacity have a role to uplifting the society and whether be it in sports, dancing or teaching, they are the change we seek. Although I might have a short time with the organization, I am determined to making the best and leaving behind an exemplary legacy. Hence, the kickoff to a successful period of continuous learning, improvement and growth has began


My Flight has Landed

As I walk down the long aisle to my cubicle located in “ The Intern Igloo”, I’m reminded by my journey to Sport in Society, and the outcome I hope to achieve from this experience. My journey to Sports in Society wasn’t the smoothest, easiest or fastest, as I constantly faced multiple stumbling blocks and setbacks along the road. Attending one interview to the other, reading one rejection letter to the other and having faith when it seemed too late. I was almost certain that I had picked the wrong fields of study in college. Majoring in Management with a minor in communications here at Northeastern, added to the fears lying deep in my heart. I am severally confronted with the reality check of what I’ld be doing with my degree. I’m unable to answer that question as of yet, as I’m still in pursuit of my career goal; however, one thing certain is that I have an endless passion for sports and what it entails. Because of that passion, I affirm with the status quo that sports is a universal remedy for many problems and appeals to many. I’m always in reminiscing with the idea of either managing a sports team or starting up a non profit organization that may somehow use sport to better the world. That was a thought from the past that I never imagined would make its way to the present.

Somehow, I find my self in an organization that uses sports to promote social justice, and there I am trying to find my niche and where I can better be effective. At first, I thought SIS was a sports management organization as a result to its name “Sport in Society”, but I soon come to the realization that it works on elevating social justice. Here at SIS, the value of social justice, sport, healthy development, education and leadership amongst many others are its driving force. Unlike many organizations, Sport in Society is an organization that is fueled by 5 staff members,excluding its 3 Coops and 4 Interns, which makes them unique. From an organization that started with 25 staff members to just 5 now, shows how much of a rebuilding and Reconstruction that has been taking place in the organization, and still strives to maintain its focus.

The atmosphere here at sports in society is so different than I expected. Expecting to come into an organization where everyone cared less about their co-worker or their conversation or personal dilemma, I am stunned by the outcome. Ranging from grabbing bagel on “bagel Thursdays” together, to eating lunch together on the 3rd floor on a daily basis, to cracking jokes on each other etc., everyone here appreciates each other and work for the growth of the other. There have been times that the two hour long commute from Lynn to the office have tried to obstruct my coming to work, but when I remember the people I work with, the type of work they do, how important they make everyone feel, I am always motivated to come. I have come to love and respect everyone for their hard work and time dedicated into making the community a better place and keeping many students of the streets.

Although I’m yet to figure a way to be better effective in the organization, I am still grateful for the opportunity to learn, and for the platform to serve. Maybe the Famous MVP institute and Project Teamwork that has constantly been voiced during our multiple staff meetings is what I need to get boost my ability. I have heard so much about the trainings and the impact it has had on many, even from the mouths numerous NU students who took the class. I hope it appears to me a stepping stone for success and professional growth here at this organization and in the future.

My few days working with the organization has made me value the importance of Sports Based Youth Development in the community, and how they utilize the appeal of sport to create a world that is benefiting for everyone while eradicating discrimination, hate and violence.

The Daily task/activity here at SIS consists of conducting research, planning SBYD programs, designing curriculum, organizing community events and working with different SBYD organizations, which ever it is, they tend to use that medium to educate and promote programs that helps solve the issue of social injustice.

Like many other interns, I have a goal to accomplish with this internship, but what sets me aside is my admiration to extend it past my internship to making it a long term goal. That goal is to attain adequate knowledge, skills and program initiative that will effectively enable me run a non-profit organization whether it be related to sports or business. Attaining those detrimental skills and information will help me to some day fuel my goal of starting a non-profit organization that advocates for children subjected to severe social issues such as bullying, parental maltreatment and poverty, with the use of sports to give them a better opportunity that explains a better meaning of life. Growing up with nearly a dull or dark meaning of life, I understand the pain, agony and struggles many of these children go through; Hence, I choose to extend my current goal past my current internship with Sports in Society. I look forward to greater days ahead here at SIS, as I have come to love and appreciate everyone as my extended family. That being said, my long flight has landed safely at Sport in Society, time to check into my hotel.