The Kickoff

How time flies they say, just yesterday, I took my intern ID picture, received my building pass and cubicle. Now, I am a certified MVP trainer after attending the rigorous, interesting and explicit three day training. I was exposed to real life scenarios and experiences that alleviated my thought and decision-making process. The society almost creates a lifestyle of which one must be emulate to be accepted. Men’s violence against women are some of the many lifestyles that the society has forced us to believe that it is normal. The institute propelled me to believe that women are the victims of the world in many instances be it, violence, taunt, appearance and discussions. This shameful act is evolving over the years that even the 7th graders at Hurley Middle School, where I play a big brother role to middle school students, a partnership Sports in Society has with the school, has emulated and caused harms to our society today. These 7th grade students have inherited some of our societal flaws, enabling them to violate women and objectified them and not making them an equal. For example, during a volley ball game, some of the boys refused to play or/and pair up with the girls insinuating that they are the weaker sex and have no knowledge of the game. This is the type of knowledge the society instills in many of our young youths today, creating a differentiation between both gender. They tend to create a notion that they are superior over the females and as a result, should be given utmost respect and praise. Attending that three day conference has broaden my knowledge about men’s violence against women and the role we as “Men” have to play in the society to promote love. Speaking of the roles, over the weeks at Sports in Society, I have since developed a better idea of the many roles I can play in the organization
My experience here at Sports in Society has been

At first, I was unsure of the role I could play but now, I fully understand the goals, activities and expectations of the organization. This change was as a result to the MVP institute, the partnership with the Hurley School, several trainings and professional development/Seminar series provided by the society. Although my long commute and sleepless nights seemed to pose a major treat, I was determined to gaining the best experience here at sports in Society and fully understand the role of sports in our society. Sports speaks in many languages that nearly none other can, that is why it is important to use in a developing a strong society. My experience here at Sports in Society for the school year may soon come to an end, but the network, knowledge and experience that I have garnered from my short time has propelled me to the self realization that everyone is their own capacity have a role to uplifting the society and whether be it in sports, dancing or teaching, they are the change we seek. Although I might have a short time with the organization, I am determined to making the best and leaving behind an exemplary legacy. Hence, the kickoff to a successful period of continuous learning, improvement and growth has began


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