First month as an intern

I’ve been interning here at Sport in Society for about a month and a half now.  In that time, I’ve learned a lot about the organization and what type of work is done here.  I am still trying to figure out exactly where I can fit in and then get more involved.  My time so far has been great as I meander my way through the website, old projects and talk with the other staff members.  Us new interns are beginning to work on a collaborative project and I’m excited to sort out details of this and then really get to work on it. In my short time here at Sport in Society, I have become much more interested in how sports can be used as a platform for social justice. There are a ton of cool organizations that are using sports for some type of “good.” Each day I seem to read about a new organization that is passionate about doing this.  It has been interesting to read about these organizations that exist in Boston and also all over the world.  Whether it is teaching skateboarding in a third-world country or making recess more organized right here in Boston, the missions of these organizations are similar. It has been eye-opening to read about these organizations and to learn about how they accomplish their mission.

Beyond that, I have really enjoyed attending events for Sports Based Youth Development Organizations.  The first event we held was about a month ago and was on “Building a Positive Culture in Sports-Based Youth Development Organizations.”  The four panelists shared some really great information and best practices.  They were all really down-to-earth and so enthusiastic about talking on the topic.  I learned a lot that I even can take back and incorporate into my basketball team at Tufts, which is a mini organization in some regards.  Building and then maintaining a positive culture is incredibly important in organizations like those present at this first event and definitely on athletic teams as well.

The second event was a seminar held last week about nonprofits.  Rick Arrowood, a Northeastern professor, gave a lecture on “How Nonprofit Organizations Organize and Operate.”  I am currently working towards my Master’s Degree in Applied Child Development and really have no background in Nonprofits. This lecture was informative and I learned a lot of useful information. I’m looking forward to the other upcoming seminars held by Rick, as well as the other upcoming panel discussions.

Next week we are having the fall MVP Institute and all the new interns will be attending. I’m excited for this and to learn what MVP is all about.  Since I began here at SIS, I have been hearing about how MVP really puts the work we do into a certain framework. I can’t wait to attend the institute.  All in all, I have enjoyed my experience here so far and am excited for all the upcoming events.


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