“Yay, school starts tomorrow!” I might be one of the very few people who said that about two weeks ago. The best part of a new school year is the students’ return to campus. I experienced “Moving Day” and was not even bothered by the traffic jams it created. Many Freshmen are exploring campus and I felt like a real Bostonian when one asked directions to Snell Library. Kayley, Matt, Prince, Kate, Jessy, and Dwayne, our new interns, came in last week and they’re about to start their own projects.

Among the new students were 160 people who signed up for Huskies for Sport in Society, our student organization. We heavily recruited new members over the summer at the Freshmen orientation nights. This many sign ups was actually beyond our expectations. To present these students with a good sense of what our club entails, we had many brainstorm sessions over the summer. How should we market our club? What volunteer opportunities should we present them? What are some social justice issues that will be interesting for them?

The club’s first meeting was last Thursday, September 12th. It was rewarding to see all the planning we did over the summer actually being put to reality. Sport in Society’s partner organizations provided volunteer opportunities, which we were able to present at the meeting. The attendants also showed their interest in being trained in MVP and Project TEAMWORK. Our next meeting will follow soon and I hope all members will be dedicated and keep bring in good ideas for the club!


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