A lot has happened… A lot more still to come!

A lot has happened in the last month at Sport in Society, and a lot is planned for the Fall semester. Last month we sent two of our staff to Boston Scholar Athletes to do a training session. The other co-op and I went to observe and to take pictures. It was a great opportunity to learn more about the facilitation process, and see Ricardhy and Betsy think on their feet and be adaptive. The group was great; they were very involved and connected our curriculum to what they were trying to do. They were able to bring their experiences, share with each other, and support each other as they prepared for their upcoming school year with the students.Image

Betsy and Ricardhy did a great job once again, setting the atmosphere with energy and enthusiasm, while also maintaining a sincerity that created a safe environment for everyone to share.

As Julia and I prepare for our facilitations, observing this training and having a mock facilitation has helped us get new ideas and become more confident. I am excited for the upcoming trainings that I will be participating in.

With the new school year, we said good bye to many of the interns that were here when we first arrived. However, we also recently got four new interns for the Fall! It’ll be great to get to know them better, and also to work with them here at Sport in Society.

Finally, we have been working on kicking off our student organization, Huskies for Sport in Society. Our first meeting is this Thursday and we have had a lot to do as we prepare for it. Everything seems to be coming together and I’m excited for the volunteer offerings we have for the student members!Image


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