The Orientation at Northeastern University

Last week, some of us interns at Sport in Society participated in the Northeastern University new student orientations. We set up a table for our organization and the goal was to get new students to join the Huskies For Sport in Society club, which will spread the Sport in Society mission on campus.

Before the orientation, all of the interns and the Program Manager, Ricardhy Grandoit, created an agenda for the orientation. In order to attract attention, we decided to directly use sports. Creating a little game was great because on one hand, sports are the platform for everything we do here at Sport in Society, and on the other hand, a game would attract incoming students to our table. The game involved a competition amongst the students of who could make the most shots. We set up four mini basketball hoops, each one representing a pillar of Sport in Society; leadership, social justice, bystander and bystander power. Each person was allowed 4 shots and whoever got the most at the end of the orientation received a free T-shirt. By getting people to our table, we were then able to tell them what Huskies For Sport in Society was and ultimately gain new members.

It turned out that the mini basketball game worked quite well in attracting people. Some people even asked to shoot before the start of the orientation. Most of the time when people went by the Huskies For Sport in Society club table, they stopped for a while and showed interest in the game and our organization. By allowing each participant to choose whichever hoop they wanted, it got people looking at the four core concepts of Sport in Society which gave them a basic idea of what we were all about. People showed great interest in knowing more about the club and our organization, especially how we use sports to deal with social issues like bullying, domestic violence and diversity.

Throughout this process, I could tell that everyone loved sports, were responsible community members, and were interested and willing to help building a better society. I personally think this is a perfect and interesting combination because sports are fun, and are able to give off positive attitudes, which ultimately make sports a very effective tool in dealing with social issues. It definitely gains people’s interests and motivates them to do something good in the process. The experience of promoting Huskies For Sport in Society at this orientation not only gave me a chance to better understand Sport in Society, but it also allowed me to talk to other people about this one-of-a-kind organization. I am really excited to see the positive impact that sports bring to our society and how people come to realize that they could use the power and appeal of sports to build an even stronger society. I feel proud to be a part of Sport in Society; spreading its mission and ideas, while learning and doing positive acts every day that will one day make the world around us better.


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