Sara Binkhorst, Summer 2013 Intern

Over the past two months, I feel I have grown not only as a productive staff member contributing to Sport in Society’s mission but also as an athlete and as a person overall. I have truly embraced the values of Sport in Society and have committed myself to not only spreading their mission through the work I have done but also by committing myself to standing by that mission in my daily life. Sport and Society is built on the foundations of social justice, leadership, respect and the bystander model. These pillars are taught through the underlying messages learned in sports. A common denominator across class, race, gender, age, etc., sports is used as a vehicle to promote social justice and social change.

These are the messages delineated were exposed to me my first day upon working here. However I feel as though these fundamental values did not initially register with me. I was excited listening to the work that went on here and after my first week or two of work, I feel as though I truly began to adopt a Sport in Society mindset. This mindset only grew with the more time I spent here, and my passion for making a difference only increased. I was afforded the incredible opportunity to get involved with so many different aspects of the organization and was able to do much more than benign office maintenance. I was involved with direct service work in addition to perusing individual interests of mine in a project.

The project I invested the majority of my time into was researching and developing a goal setting curriculum in conjunction with some of the various sport based youth development organizations that Sport in Society partners with. I believe that students who are at high risk would benefit from the guidance and structure of a goal-setting curriculum to help plan their futures. I researched “SMART” goals, what they were and how they are beneficial. I looked at outside organizations structure of goal setting curriculums and studied the impact it has on them. My focus group for this project was majority underprivileged middle school students. I then summarized my findings and began to examine other curriculum that Sport in Society uses, such as MVP (Mentors in Violence Prevention), to learn how to design and develop a curriculum. Unfortunately, due to the short eight weeks that I spent with Sport in Society, I was unable to finish and produce a final curriculum. Originally, I was a bit disappointed in my performance in that I was not able to produce a final product. However, I did learn a great deal in the process of my individual project. I am extremely excited and optimistic in the fact that a future intern with Sort in Society will pick up where I left off.

I feel very grateful and extremely blessed for the opportunity I had to work with this great organization this summer. I want to thank the people I worked with for their kindness and help as they patiently taught me the ins and outs in this organization and the professional world in general. The entire staff truly made this organization a pleasure to come to work each day and motivated me with their optimistic and determined attitude towards making a difference. I look forward to keeping in touch in the future, and staying involved with Sport in Society long term.


Thank you,

Sara Binkhorst


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