Wrapping it up on the Eastside..and what’s next?

Since the last time I blogged, I talked about how after the Thanksgiving break Tom and myself would be facilitating two more sessions at McKay Middle School. Well the two weeks have passed and now we are done facilitating there. For the last session, we showed the kids the video MTV Flipped and followed up with a discussion of their thoughts and reactions to the video. It was good to get their opinions about what they saw and they seem to have understand the whole discrimination, stereotypes and racism outlook in society down pack. I felt we left there on a good note. Those were a good group of kids we talked to for the past four weeks and it was fun to be there. Unfortunately, the semester is about to end, meaning we are done with traveling to different schools to facilitate. The whole aspect of working with Project Teamwork throughout the semester was exciting to me. It was something I haven’t done before this semester, and now it’s something I can say I’m passion about now and looking to do work like this as a career. So with that being said, I’m going to work and get certified for facilitating so I can continue to do what I love and that’s being a role model to young children. Look for me to be at middle school near you real soon.