East Side!!!…the trainings at McKay Middle..

For the past two weeks, Tom and I have been doing our Project Teamwork facilitations at McKay Middle School, which is in East Boston. Everything has been going well so far and the kids have been a great group. During the first week, our main goal was to simply get to know the kids because they don’t know us and we don’t know them, so we did a lot of things where we were just introducing ourselves. Tom and I talked about our background and we played a few games where the kids talked about themselves a little bit just to get them to open up. I must say it was a little tough in the beginning because I’ve never been around kids, especially 8th or 7th graders, who were so quiet and shy. I literally heard my echo in the room because of the silence. We played games such as the diversity maze, in which we get to know about their background and see how diverse these group of kids were. The vast majority come from a hispanic background and almost all of the them loved soccer. Then we played a game where we got a little more in depth with them about things such as their favorite hobbies, dream job, and their role models. So as a treat to that, Tom and I decide to bring in some candy because we figured it would help us in them opening up. They really appreciated that so that whole first week was fun.

This past tuesday, we discussed discrimination in school by talking about various scenarios such as using the word “gay” and “fag”, and see whether or not it’s wrong to be suspended for using that word. The kids had alot of good opinions and had a good knowledge about people who are homosexual. So it turned out to be a really good conversation. Since Thanksgiving is going to be here next week, we will not be going there next tuesday and will resume our facilitation the week we come back from the break. Hope everybody have a good Thanksgiving and enjoy family, football, and of course food…


This past week, Demetrius and I went out to East Boston to start a new training session.  We attended the McKay Middle School where we had the pleasure of teaching both 7th and 8th graders about the project teamwork curriculum.  The first session was really fun, Demetrius and I talked about ourselves then we got to know the students we were teaching by playing a slew of ice breakers.  The two that we focused on was a candy game and a game called the ‘Diversity Maze’. The kids were a lot shyer than I expected but the games got them up and talking and i am looking forward to next Tuesday going out and seeing them again to talk about stereotyping.

Tom Demers


On to the next one…

Last time I blogged, I talked about how myself and Tom were finishing up our facilitation of Project Teamwork at Point Webster Middle School. Now starting this upcoming tuesday, we will be back at it again, this time at the McKay Middle School, which is in East Boston. It’s been about two weeks since we did any facilitaion and to get back in the flow of things is an exciting feeling. As far as our gameplan, we’re not going to change anything up as far as topics go but we’ll implement more icebreakers to create more of a relax atmosphere, so I can’t wait.

When we’re not doing facilitating, we’ve been helping out the rest of the team with the YMCA Capacity Building Project. Yesterday we had a big presentation with Harold Sparrow, Executive Directors, and Teen Directors of the many Y branches in Boston. Myself and Tom introduced the thought of having Project Teamwork being taught at the different Y’s. We presented the idea and they loved it. I believe we did a good job of getting our point across about what Project Teamwork can bring to the table and how much Sports In Society is here to help them. It’s crazy because that’s the first time I’ve never been nervous presenting in front of a big group of people, it had to be about 20 people as our audience. Netherless, I glad we got through that smoothly and also happy for the team for the great job they did as well. Unfortunately we don’t have enough time left to actually help the Y’s with the improvement process of the teen program because our co-op will be ending soon. But, the good thing is, is that we will be back periodically to do what we can to be a help,while we’re back in classes.