Upcoming student group

After an encouraging turnout at NU’s volunteer fair last week, the co-ops and I feel confident that Huskies for Sport in Society will have a successful future.  Most students were drawn to our table due to the affiliation with Sport in Society.  The students decided to sign-up, though, when we informed them about the group’s mission and volunteer opportunities.  It was reassuring to learn that while an overwhelming amount of students had an interest in sport they were more passionate about community service.

Tomorrow night marks the group’s first organized meeting.  If even half of the students who signed up at the volunteer fair come to the meeting it will be a good turn out.  We plan on screening an episode of ESPN’s 30 for 30 documentary series.  Four days in October, a story about the Boston Red Sox, will most likely be the first viewing.  Aside from the movie we will also discuss future meeting times, commitment and scheduling as well as group goals.

By utilizing Sport in Society’s partnership with the YMCA we have already secured a few volunteer opportunities for club members.  Volunteer services will range from SAT prep to tutoring to coaching basketball.  I’m hoping that every member of the student group can find a volunteer opportunity that fits their interests and needs.

Posted by: Courtney Mortimer


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